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Top 5 tools to Find out How Much Traffic a Website Gets

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Would you want to know How Much Traffic a Website Gets competitive analyis. Although it will be difficult to accurately measure the traffic to a website of any third party, there are a bunch of traffic evaluation services that can give you better understand the popularity of the website. Here's a list:

Top 5 tools to Find out  How Much Traffic a Website Gets

1. Alexa - Enter the domain and Alexa rating will reveal that the number of unique visitors and page views, based on a combined measure. The rank is based on traffic alone, but relative to all other traffic to sites that are considered to Alexa. Webmasters often skeptical Alexa Rank these numbers but they are still a good indicator of a site's popularity over time.

2. Compete - Competing you can use to assess the overall US - Traffic (unique visitors) almost every site on the web. Compete uses data from ISPs, their own toolbar and other data sources to measure traffic. It offers other metrics like page views, average length of duration, demographics and so on, but these are only available to paid users.

3. Similar Web  It started as a tool for finding similar sites similar sites, but now offers a variety of data including traffic analysis, clean interface. You get to know the site's traffic over time, countries that send the most traffic, what search engine referrals to organic keywords, how much time users spend on the site and so on. Traffic reports can be downloaded as PDF files for archiving.

4. SEM Rush - It offers a lot of information about search engine (organic) traffic to any website. Put in the URL and you'll instantly know how to fared website in organic search. Data can be split by country, you get to know which sites are sending traffic and the keywords that are bringing in the most visitors. Open Site Explorer is another favorite tool in this category.

5. QuantCast

- Like compete, you can use QuantCast, determine how many people visited the site during a selected period of time to the desktop or mobile phone. Sites, which are carried on QuantCast tags, you get a more accurate measurement, including visitor demographics, traffic in the country, and split mobile and desktop traffic.

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Find website traffic with Google AdWords

A few years ago, Google Ad Planner and Google Trends for websites to go to tools for evaluating a website traffic, but they have since been discontinued. You can, however, still use the Show Planner tool within Google AdWords is a good idea to get website traffic and demographics. Here's how:

Go Show Planner and sign in to your Google Account. You do not need to be, AdWords advertiser to use this tool.

Next, put the domain in the search box, set the campaign targeting the United States (or remove the geographic targeting to see global traffic) and click "Get OffersContact ideas." Google Now will show you the range of the average weekly impressions, and if you multiply that number by 4, you get a good estimate monthly site traffic (hits).

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