Tuesday, 5 July 2016

How to Get Vodafone 4G SIM

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Vodafone has launched its 4G services, Kerala and Mysuru, as roll-out is expected to continue in the major metros like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, where services are expected to begin by March 2016. If you are already a Vodafone customer, you can switch to a Vodafone SIM 4G- prepared following these easy steps right now

Here are the steps to Get Vodafone 4G Sim:

1. Walk to the nearest Vodafone Store- and put your request 4G- ready SIM:
2. After proper identification process and 4G-enabled phone compatibility testing by the Vodafone staff, you will receive a new 4G-SIM card.
3. To activate the card, use your existing number to Vodafone SMS 'SIMEX <19-20 characters with your new 4G SIM card number>' to 55199 (this number will be available on the new SIM card / jacket given to you)
4. You will receive a reply SMS - from 55199 partial phone number entered.
5. Send the last 6 digits of the new SIM number 55199 SMS within 2 hours of receipt referred to in the step above.
6. You will receive a success of SMS, the position in which your 4G-Ready SIM will be activated within 5-10 minutes.
7. Then, replace your old phone with a new SIM is ready for 4G Vodafone SIM and still continue to use the services without interruption.
That's all. You can now start using a new SIM: You can enjoy the benefits of high-speed 4G services as soon as they started trading in your region.


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