Friday, 8 July 2016

How to deliete a Blogger Blog completely

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Blogger, Google- in blogging platform that allows you to create and manage multiple blogs at once. You can delete specific entries, if you do not want them any longer appearing. If you no longer want one of your blogs appearing online, you can delete it. You will be able to download a complete copy of the blog before deleting it so that you always have a record of your work.

Sign in with your Google Blogger account. You must sign in to the account, which oversees the blog that you want to delete.

Only owners or administrators can delete blog.

2) Find a blog that you want to delete. All the blogs that your account has been created, which will be listed above the Blogger homepage. Find one on the list that you want to delete.

3) Delete any images you want to be removed immediately. Images can stick around even after the blog was deleted. Removing these images before deleting the blog will help ensure that they can be immediately erased. Follow the steps in the previous section to remove any posts that have images before deleting your account.

#4) Then go to Settings→Other settings→Tap on Deliete blog

Download your own blog before deleting it (optional). Before your blog is deleted, you are given the option to upload your own blog on your computer first. Click Download Blog The blog can be downloaded in XML format. You can open it at any News Reader app and blog will look as it did when it was online.

So that is all about How to deliete a Blogger Blog completely. put your comments below for any query

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