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How to Create your own Twitter Bot

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Twitter Bots can do cool things. You can join in with questions like, "How many calories in the diet coke" is @DearAssistant and Twitter bot, such as a Apps Like Google Now- or Apple Siri, will respond with an answer. It @HundredZeros Bot tweets links to searches which are free on Amazon.

Twitterbot is a bot program used to produce automated posts on the Twitter And it automatically follows twitter Users and it can performs some, you can have a grammar bot that looks Misspellings and Twitter tweets containing the correct spelling.

A Bot can automatically retweet or favorite tweets that meet certain criteria. It can track the user who Twitter- tweeted certain keywords. A brand can build auto-bot, which automatically responds when a brand gets @mention Twitter- States. You can have a bot that sends an auto-direct-messages to users who follow you on Twitter-.

Writing on Twitter bot is easy,Our Twitter bots running on Google servers, and you do not need any coding skills to create a bot. They are using Google Scripts.internally

Steps to How to create your own Twitter Bot

The idea behind Twitter bots- is very simple. You enter a  keyword and select an action. Twitter Bot can find all the tweets regarding that paticular keyword expression and performs the action related tweets.

#1) : Making App for Twitter Bot

Signup for a new Twitter Account, Then go to→, sign in to your Twitter account and create a Twitter app. Give your project a name, a description of the site and put any URL field.and select I agree with the developer terms and submit the form.

When Twitter app has been created, go to Application Settings and change the App Permissions & access level to Read, Write and Access Direct Messages.

Next switch to the Keys and symbols Access tab and click Create My Access Token button. Twitter will lead consumers Keys and Access tokens that we have to the next step.

#2): Adjust your Twitter bots

Go LyteByte Twitter bots to open the application. You might have authorized the bot once.
→Change the values ​​of Twitter Consumer Key→ Consumer Secret→ Access token and Access secret that has been generated in the previous step.

Next, you need to specify a search phrase bots- dissemination. The app can find all the tweets that match this search phrase and the process for all of them, one at a time. If you have a premium version, you can create up to 5 bots- from a go.

Click Create to initialize the Twitter bot. That's all. Bots- initialized from now, and they will be auto-run in the background.

Twitter Bots Video Tutorial

It is important to note that the Twitter TOS

You can find more specific tweets using Twitter Search operators from processing through bots-. For example,operator to filter out spammy tweets  use min_faves or min_retweets from search results.

Here are some area where bots are suitable.

If you are offline during specific duration, setup out of office reply that people can expect a delayed response.

If you change your Twitter username, set Auto-Direct Message to bot from your old account so that followers can know your new Twitter name.

Add or follow the Twitter Users to a Twitter List which is helpful in tweeting on certain topics

Twitter Bots - features

The Twitter Bot is available in both Premium and Free Versions. In Upcomming they will add more features, Till then you are now supported to 3 months for technical assistance.

             Auto-Reply to Tweets
Favourate Tweets
Retweet Tweets
DM New Followers
Follow Users
Support options
Run bot at specific time
How many Twitter bots can be created?
How often do the bots run?
Every 15 Mins
Reply via DMs (to users who allow)
Add Users to Twitter List

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