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Top 5 factors effecting your Organic Search

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Are you  Experiencing drop in Organic search for your website or blog.Whether you are an Experienced seo or you run your own bussniess. If you experience the terrific drop down in your Organice Search traffic and trying to figure out whats the cause of breaking down your Organic search results

Well as a modern seo has changed a lot and there may be lots of Causes

1) Panda effect
2)Humming Bird effect
3) penguin and soo on. but make it sure, im not going to cover all this in one post

Note: here im presenting Basics of  Top 10 factors effecting your Organic Search 

Major fluctuations in organic Search traffic or search engine rankings.

#1) Your webpage didnt Indexed

first of all check your site by just going to and enter this: "" to make sure that  your website is indexed or not .if your website indexed by showing your webpages in SERPS then check step 2→ else go to your robots.txt file to make sure that you have'nt blocked the webpages on your site/blog

#2) Bot filters

You are currently exclude all known bots and spiders Google Analytics- States. If not, you may be experiencing inflated traffic measurement and not even know it. Typically, bots enter via the main page and cascade down throughout your site navigation, simulating real user behavior. One telltale sign of bot traffic in a highly trafficked page with a high bounce rate, low conversions and low average time on the page.

While it is good to create a custom field to filter out bots using filter bot overall a good place to start. It is important to note that the filters can not be applied retroactively, so if you recently turned this feature, you need to get less traffic. Also, double check that you filter traffic in and out of your own IP address.

#3) inproper Url re-direction

Especially if two or more pages are optimized for the same keyword. In practice, it will compete against each other in the pages of the SERPs, potentially reducing rankings for those pages. Here is an example of what this might look like.

URL 1:
URL 2:

Fortunately, if you have access to Keyword Tracking tool, you will be able to see on a day-by-day breakdown of URLs Google choose to consider the word. A little time and effort, you should be able to remedy the situation.

#4) Google Updates

as i mentioned above google updates factors may also can cause your Organic search traffic down its might be penguin,panda,humming bird avoid these kind of problems make a site audit or promote a seo consultant for site checkup

#5) structured data markup

Pratically Structured Data Markup May or may not the cause for your Organic search traffic drops, even though google bots can crawl your webpages if your websites doesnt have structured data markup for eg: you can one of the top most blogger Amit agarwal is not using his structured data in his blog :

But i recommed you to use Structured data for google will understand its pattern or category does the content is about and helps you in displaying RFP,Rich card which is also considered one of the google ranking factors

Note: these are the Basic factors of effecting your Organic search traffic. there are many other factors are also to be considered 

Thats all folks here today with this article were are listening to you put your comments below regarding Top 5 factors effecting your Organic Search.

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