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Kickass Torrents Founder Artem Vaulin Arrested

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Kickass torrents alleged owner, Artem Vaulin, have been arrested in Poland as part of a lawsuit filed by the United States. Kat in many domains have been seized in the suit, and as a result, none of the popular torrent site webpages are currently working. The lawsuit was filed in Chicago, as well as the alleged owner, Artem Vaulin from Kharkov, Ukraine, is being sued for copyright infringement and money laundering conspiracy

#1) Charges Against Artem Vaulin Faces Up to 20 Years in Jail

The United States submitted accusation Artyom Vaulin, which include criminal copyright infringement, conspiracy to commit copyright infringement and conspiracy to commit money laundering. The suit claims that Vaulin, 30, owns and operates Kickass torrents or Kat. Vaulin arrested in Poland and the federal authorities will extradite him to the United States, the Justice Department said in a press release.

Assistant Attorney General Caldwell, commenting on the announcement said.

Vaulin accused of running illegal file-sharing on today's most visited website, which is responsible for more than $ 1 billion in illegal distribution of copyrighted materials. His arrest in Poland, however, shows once again that cybercriminals can run but they can not hide from justice.

You can read the entire complaint against Vaulin here, or below, as provided by the United States Attorney's Office in a press release.

#2). 7 Kickass Torrents Domains Have Been Seized 

In addition to arresting Vaulin, the US government seized seven Kickass Torrent domains. According to the complaint, the seized domains are

The Kickass torrents status of the site, the service still has other domains or trusted sites, which are not mentioned in the complaint. This Domains include,, kickass.cs,,,,, and onions website. But at the time of publication, all these sites are down.

KAT moved to its domain before because of copyright lawsuits and seizures. In early June, and the site is pushing back against repeated attempts to block his bands, and it added a new domain on Tor (dark web) network.

BNO News reported that Kickass Torrent- users can specify that some technical problems with the site, as well as searches return only error messages. The Kickass torrents status of the site earlier in the day, the site is not experiencing technical difficulties. But now that same status page is unavailable.

Kickass Torrents is the world's most popular illegal file-sharing website. It receives more than 50 million visitors in 28 languages, and has a net worth of about $ 54 million. Its annual advertising revenue is estimated at $ 12.5 million to $ 22.3 million.

Milk does not host files on its website, but provides links to torrent files, letting users download unauthorized copies of movies, TV shows, etc.

The appeal notes that the milk does not respect the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, but instead of sending a notice of violation, it would respond that this claim can not be processed because,

1) the demand does not exist in English.
2) You have no proof showing that you are the copyright holder, or that you are acting on behalf of the copyright holder,
3) You have no evidence showing that he is legally copyrighted content.
4) There were more then [SIC] 30 torrents listed Claim mail.
5) In your content, which took place on another site. ".

3. Apple may have given the US Government Personal Profile Vaulin

According to the complaint, federal investigators posed as an advertiser, by buying ads KAT- in March 2016 for $ 300 a day. She was given the information, the Bank of Latvia making a payment, but they did not mention, Kat anywhere. When he went to buy a second statement, he said that the ads were only available in the pricier $ 1,000 to $ 3,200 a day. He kept buying more ads and May, the Bank of Estonia has the details. Through the investigation, authorities learned that the bank account was KickassTorrents use and purchase records, including the hosting of the records that show hosted by KAT Chicago a little more than three years.

The investigator also discovered the email account associated with Vaulin, which was He was able to obtain records Apple-'s find out what IP address and what transactions have been carried out using the email address: According to the complaint (on the PG: 34):

Records show Apple- provided that they conducted using iTunes deal IP- address of on or about July 31, 2015. The same day, the same IP address used to access KAT Facebook account . Then, on or about December 9-2015 in., used IP address hold another iTunes deal. The same IP address as a login to access Kat Facebook account on or about December 4, 2015

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