Friday, 1 July 2016

Google now adds real-time earthquake details to search results

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Google Now Rolls Out with a New Feautre Called [earthquake] or [earthquakes near me] 

Google said that right now the earthquake to reach the top queries to obtain information related to the earthquake in the search results.

They want to give people chills quickly and authoritative information about what they just felt. Google announced that it "will include summary information on the size of the earthquake-affected areas of the map, and tips to safely navigate the consequences." In addition, the Google- "MAP will show areas that shook the different intensity (known as a shakemap), so that you should be able to quickly assess the earthquake and its epicenter. "

In addition, the Google- will show you the safety tips, as well as show you the estimated damage hours or days after the event.

You can try it yourself, search for [earthquake] or [earthquakes near me] 

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