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LyteByte: How to Create RSS Feeds for Twitter

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Twitter does not offer RSS Feeds so here's a simple workaround that you can use to generate RSS feeds from your Twitter feeds, including Twitter- in search results, user dates, favorites, lists, and even new Twitter collections.

RSS feeds are essential if you need to use your Twitter data elsewhere. For example, you need to create RSS feeds IFTTT recipes, that gets triggered when there is a new @mention or new tweet is added to the search results. You can import your Twitter timeline automatically to your blog via RSS feeds. You can follow the Twitter accounts like Feedly is an RSS reader or even Google Docs:

How to Create RSS Feeds on Twitter-

There are two ways to create RSS feeds for Twitter. You can either write the Twitter app, or take a simpler alternative described here.

The Technique is simple. Twitter offers JavaScript based widgets that will help you put user's timeline and Twitter Search Results in your website. What we need to do is to transform those files into the XML content using HTML Twitter Google- in Script. Here is a step by step guide.

#1) The Twitter website to go to Settings -> Widgets and create a new widget. You can create files in user timeline, favorites, Twitter lists, collections and search results.

#2) When a new widget is published, make a note of the widget ID, which you can find URL in the widget. If you do not have a widget is not ready for use 362462751664263169 sample widget ID:

#3) Click here to order your copy of Google Script Google Drive- In. Open the script and select Run -> Twitter_RSS authorize the script. You need to do this only once.

#4) Inside the Script Editor, go to the Publish -> deploy as Web App and click «Save New Version" button. Set anyone, including anonymous under Who has access to the program and hit install.
Google Script in your RSS URL- now create custom web applications, which can be something like

Simply attach the Twitter Widget ID- (created in Step 2) In this URL- and your RSS feed for Twitter ready. For example, if a Twitter widget ID is 123456, your RSS Feed URL will be:

The Twitter RSS feed will join all the details including the date that the Tweet was posted, the full name, user name and profile picture from Twitter user and the actual text of the join. If you want to create a RSS feed for Twitter, simply add another widget inside the Twitter widget and use this new certificate with the same Google Script URL:

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