Friday, 8 July 2016

How to Share Screen on Multiple Android Devices

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Have you ever wanted to show something on the screen of your Android smartphone with a group of people, without actually having to share any data with them. We are sure that you will be, because there are times when you want to showcase slides, websites, or applications with others in development.
share screen on android devices

While it is fairly easy to mirror the Android interface in Mac- or PC, you can not say the same when it comes to sharing the screen between Android devices. However, there are several programs that allow you to Share screen on Android devices, but the best among the lot must be ScreenMeet: So, here's how you can share on  Multiple Android Devices Using ScreenMeet.

1. You will first need to download the program ScreenMeet Android device, which screen you want to share with others. The good thing, as ScreenMeet the fact that you do not need to install it on other devices that need to get your device's screen is mirrored.

2. When you first open the program, you must sign up for the program. Once done, you will see a prompt on the screen, suggesting that you can get 10 free meetings in the program, after which you must purchase a subscription.

ScreenMeet Android app startup

3. Then, you will see a link that you can share with others and let them watch your Android screen, along with the "Start" button at the bottom of the screen to start sharing. Just tap the "Start" and then confirm your action by selecting «Start Now».
How to Share-Screen-Android-ScreenMeet
4. Once started, you can go to other ScreenMeet link to your Android device and see your Android screen in action there. You can then move on to showcase other apps, whatever you want.

After that screen sharing has started, you can pause or stop a shade screen sharing awareness. If you want to jump to ScreenMeet app, you can do so through all the screens of the floating button.
How to ScreenMeet-Share-Screen-Android

Note. While viewers will be able to see your screen, they will not be able to control it.

Mirror the screen of your Android device to other devices depend on internet connection, but you can go ScreenMeet settings and use the slider to improve the speed and quality of the overall screen. From the settings page, you can also change sharing a link, set the lock link and ask for the name of the news screen when the viewer tries to connect to your room.

Note:The program is limited to viewers 10 and 50 meetings of its free trial. Unlimited use, you have to buy a $ 15 / month subscription, or you can purchase the "All you can meet" day pass is $ 1.99.

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