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Slickdeals Offers and Coupon codes for Any product

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There are many deals that pop up every day, it can be really hard to keep up with all of them. But there is an easy way to track only those products that you're interested in and get alerts to your email when a deal goes live.

You can subscribe to mailing lists from a handful of different stores, just so that you can keep track of transactions that sting your interest, but that can clog your mailbox in a heartbeat. Plus, it's likely that you only need a few items that you are interested in, so, shifting through all these transactions can quickly become too long, not to mention tempt you to spend Money unnecessarily.

Fortunately, there is a much better way of doing things. Instead of general mailing lists for signing that send you weekly deals and what does not so you can create a transaction alerts that notify you when a specific product goes on sale, and we will show you how to set it all up.

For this, we need to be using a service called Slickdeals, which is dedicated to posting any and all transactions were found in the store or online. Slickdeals has a really great community, and users who represent transactions with the team conductor of comparing what shows up on the first page. All this basically means is that if there is a deal out there, you will probably hear about it Slickdeals: Best of all, Slickdeals allows you to create alerts that get sent to your e-mail, so you'll know when you're going to sell a product.

First, you must create an account Slickdeals, which only requires that you enter your email address, username, and password. Slickdeals, visit the registration page to create an account.

After Creating an account, you will receive an email to activate your account. Click on the "validate email" email.

You will be taken to Slickdeals website, where you will receive a confirmation stating that your registration is complete.
From there, go to the upper right corner, and hover your username. A drop-down menu will appear, where you must just tap on the "My Deal Alerts"

You'll be taken to a page where you need to create your unique transaction alerts.
In the text box, there are a few things that you can enter.

A keyword for the product  like for eg:(Xbox One, Sony Bravia, 3DTV, etc.)
A store (Best Buy, Lowe's, Macy-'s, etc.)
A brand (Accenture, Apple, sony, etc.)
With a degree in Slickdeals (tools, clothes, cameras, etc.)
If you really want to, you can even set a reminder for a specific transaction model number of the product and use it as your word, but I personally just want to put something like «Philips Hue» or «Ryobi»: That way, I have a wide array of transactions related to something specific you are looking for, just to cover my bases.

After that you can type something, click on "More options ..." to get some kind of advanced options

You need to have the "Target Forum" to the "Hot Deals". You can change the "Notification method", "when", and "rating" if you want, but they are fine as is. However, if you want to consolidate transaction alerts into a single instead of a daily email, some of which were sent you all day, you can change the "instant" on "Daily" - the "when" section.

When you select  a keyword and tap on the "Create Deal Alert», you can get a pop-up to warn you that this word can cause a lot of notifications, especially if it is a common word. If you're good with click "OK", but if not, click "Cancel" and return to your keyword more specific.
When you click "OK", your new transaction alert will show up in the list below, and you can create as many transactions alerts as you want.

True, Slickdeals not only deal sites out there, because there are many others commendable, but Slickdeals probably the most popular, transaction alerts and setup process is really easy.

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