Friday, 1 July 2016

How to Get SMS Alerts from Gmail through Twitter

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Do you Know thats You Can Get SMS Alerts from Gmail through Twitter. Wondering how.??
Its also Important to get Notification Via Sms to our mobile inorder to get protected from our gmail or social Networking sites, today im going to help you to How to Get SMS Alerts from Gmail through Twitter

Twitter allows you to follow through on any SMS- @user simple. They provide short codes for all countries (see list), and if you follow the text, followed by the username to the brief, any tweets that arrive on your phone as a text notifications. For example, if you are in the US, you can join the track LyteByte to 40404 to get my tweets and text messages. Similarly, users in India can watch Lytebyte text to 9248948837 to receive tweets via SMS

Steps to How to Get SMS Alerts from Gmail through Twitter

#1) Log out of your existing Twitter account, and then go to create a new Twitter account for your Gmail- account.

#2) Confirm your email address, then open the Twitter page settings and check the option "Protect my tweets" This will make the search engines and your personal Gmail notifications, no other Twitter users will be able to see tweets generated Gmail- through.

#3) Click here to copy the selected sheet and authorized under the Google Gmail to Twitter menu (some help). Remember authorize your new Twitter account.

#4) Once authorized, choose Start from Gmail to Twitter menu and enter your search query Gmail-. For example, you can say that it is important to unread. inbox newer_than: 1D only get notifications for new, unread or important messages to your Gmail-. Click OK.

That's all.

Gmail- Notifier to run and now will be able to join in the email when fitting. It has operations in every 10-15 minutes, and only pay attention to incoming mail, avoiding the old messages. In addition, the Google- messages will be logged in a newspaper, in this way you get the knowledge of what is transpiring behind. Scene.

Get SMS alerts for emails in the Gmail

Now open a new browser session in incognito mode, move the old log into your Twitter account and then send the following applies to your new Gmail account Twitter- States. Continue through the establishment of a new, following the request, after all this you should be able to get sight tweets new Gmail messages as they arrive, your main Twitter timeline.

If you have a preference to receive SMS alerts for new Gmail messages from your mobile phone, just open your Gmail bot Twitter- the page, and then connect the mobile notifications. It is very obvious that it will only operate if you have connected (and verified) on your cell phone in your main Twitter account.


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