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How to Write Seo Friendly HTML Title Tags For Google & Bing

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Writing Seo Friendly HTML Title Tags For Google & Bing is very important for ranking in google and many other Search engine's. Let us know How to Write Seo Friendly HTML Title Tags For Google & Bing

I generally use John Gruber's writings, but today he is dishing out tips on SEO HTML title tags. Some of it is bad advice. So respectfully, here's how I'd suggest that you write page titles so that you can search and humans alike.

What is HTML Title Tag.?

Let me go back to the basics. The title tag is an HTML code fragment that each page should have. It declares what the page title.
<Title> tag appears within the <head> section of the web page. Other content will also appear in the header area, including Meta Description tags, canonical tag, the Special Tags for Facebook and much more. In my example above, I eliminated a lot of what is in the head area, so we can focus on the title tag.

How the HTML Title Tag Used?

Each page can have an HTML title tag, however, how the tag is used can vary. Most browsers will display the title bar at the top of the opposite window. Below, I show how that "some SEO Advice For Bill Gates' article, I mentioned that appears in Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox:

Chrome is also shown in the illustration above. Rather than use the title bar opposite, Chrome uses it to display it at the top of each page for "tab". Others do it in addition to using the overall title at the top of the window.

Title Tags Versus Rumors

The HTML title tag, which is often used in many other content management systems and blogging software, as well as the main headline on the page. Again, here's the page I use as an example.

You can see how the HTML title tag is also used as the main title page.

This is common, but it is not required. For example, a recent New York Times article that attracted a lot of attention, a merchant who believes that being a means customers helped him rank better in the Google-.

Notice how the title tag, which is used in the top window is different from the main text of the page.

Title Tags for Square

When you bookmark a page or make your favorite browser, bookmark title page is being offered as a name (generally, you can edit a page name before saving). Here are two articles I mentioned as bookmarked in Firefox:

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