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How To Improve Your Blog Search Ranking On Google Fast

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How To Improve Your Blog Search Ranking On Google Fast

This is an ever green question that often comes to your mind when you want to improve your traffic, leads, sales, etc ...

What methods we practice to market our blog, Search traffic irreplaceable source of traffic, Infact it is one of the best way to direct potential buyers / readers to your blog.

To generate search engine traffic, Search ranking is mandatory. If your blog is not within the top 5 in the first page of search results for your targeted keywords, you're losing about 60% of the possible attention / visitors search results.

This means that most of the visitors went in search of the top 5 is Google- links in search results. Thus, it is important to improve your blog's search engine ranking.

Today, I am going to share a few tips that you can use to build your search engine ranking, thus improving organic traffic to your blog.

How to improve your blog's search-ranking Google Fast

Stop Focusing on keywords, write your readers.

Yes, you heard it right. I'm not saying they are useless keywords. what I am trying to say is that, instead of solwly focusing on keywords, try to write your readers.

Google- is giving more and more value to your content, than on those keywords. You have to remember that Google-'s entire purpose is to provide their customers with relevant and useful search results.

So do not do keyword stuffing. Try to incorporate the keywords naturally, while keeping the attention of readers. This method can not only help to improve your search ranking, it also helps the readers.

In fact, I have already written a detailed article before as "How to write content for search engines and people." You can check it out to learn how to focus readers instead of keywords.

Promote your content on social media, social Shares in the new backlinks.

Google- now shares in social media as a signal of the power and importance.

In the past, Google, seeing backlinks, as an excellent way to determine the power of a blog, more people linking to your website the more credible you or your content were likely to be.

But people began to use it to buy backlinks and the use of black hat SEO. Thus, this method of rendering meaningless. Now the new Google- big confidence indicator for social media stocks.

Think about it.

If a new blog post tweets and get 0 0 Promotions chance there is that it is low cost. A post that gets 1000 tweets, on the other hand, is likely to be very useful to readers.

So, to boost your content helps in better search engine ranking social media, and it also helps you build a loyal base of followers.

Do not build backlinks blindly, and building the link is obvious.

Just because Google- is considered an indicator of confidence in the share of social media does not mean, backlinks are useless. Building backlinks is still one of the best way to improve your search engine ranking. It has it's uses, but it is no longer the same as before.

Quality matters. Whatever it is satisfied that the backlinks, quality is the deciding factor. After the launch of the Web Google- spam algorithm, Penguin in 2012. It criminalizes the blogger, who goes links to improve search results. So, the more links, the better it is no longer true, it is better to get a few quality links than building a very low-quality links.

How to build quality backlinks. Now a days Google- is sure that the links you provide real value to users, who can come across them. So, the best way to build quality backlinks and provide real value to write amazing quality of content, or a guest of the best blogs in your niche.

Make sure that your theme is SEO optimized.

SEO optimized theme helps Google- crawl and understand your site better. An well-designed theme to help build a brand. Thus, just as the quality of the content, the quality is also important for search engines and readers. Some things you can do to optimize your theme.

Page Speed: Try to improve your speed blogs page (within 2-4 seconds). Fast loading website google crawl your website easily.

Clean Code: Make sure that your theme does not use any encrypted code, and try to keep you on the code clean and free from errors.

Schema labeling. Although it does not help to improve the rating. it definitely plays a big role in how your site looks in the search. Thus, improving CTR.

Other onpage SEO factors. In addition, there are still many ways to optimize your website. You can check the following link to learn more about them.


With many Changes in Google Algorithm- has passed, now more than ever, content is king.

Google- wants to be the best, most relevant content to rank high, and the result is that SEO has become more human-friendly. Google- is looking for a type of content you are sharing with the people, not the number of keywords, you can dig into a blog post or website.

Still the technical stuff like that where you can put your keyword in your H1, URL, Meta description and title tag matters. But more than that, what is the value of the content of most of the universities, it is to serve people.

As long as this requirement is met, you can easily improve your blog's search engine ranking. I hope that you find this article useful? If yes, do not share it and let me know your views on interpretation.

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