Tuesday, 28 June 2016

InfoGraphic: 100 Most Popular Google Keywords Search of 2016

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What is the most searched keywords in the Google-.

We know, brand conditions, such as, "Gmail" and "response" are looking for, and a common point of reference for users. But what no-brands. As is true of keywords that will undoubtedly aim very thirsty traffic SEOs around the world.
This question we asked at the beginning of this month. With the help of the team is great keyword research tool SEMRush, we were able to get it answered.

Below is a list of the 100 most searched non-branded keywords Google- visualization in the United States in the region.

The list is determined by sifting through the most common search term in general need to find keywords that are not associated with the brand. In addition, we also removed the porn related keywords.

For simplicity, the top five most searched on the whole can «Gmail», «Craigslist», «Amazon», «Yahoo», and ... "Porn». No one who is involved in this, as in a giant list of navigation brand searches of all is interesting.


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