Tuesday, 28 June 2016

How to Activate Developer Mode on Your Chromebook to Get Root Acces

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How to Activate Chromebook into “Developer Mode” and you’ll get full root access, including the ability to modify your Chromebook’s system files. This is often used to install a full Linux system with something like Crouton.
Developer Mode has other uses, too. You do not put a massive Linux system side-by-side with Chrome OS. You can simply modify a few files or boot your Chromebook- in external USB devices.

There are two precautions you need to understand quickly.

Enabling (and disabling) Developer Version will wipe your Chromebook: The process of enabling developer mode, your Chromebook- be «powerwashed:« All the user accounts and files will be deleted from your Chromebook. Of course, most of your data will be stored online, and you're free to log in with the same Google account after Chromebook.

Google- not offer support in developer mode. Google- officially does not support this feature. It is designed for developers (and power users). Google- does not support this stuff. Ordinary "This might void your warranty" warnings apply in other words, if you experience a hardware failure in developer mode, simply turn off developer mode to get warranty support.

Boot into recovery mode

The original Chromebooks, «Developer Mode» the physical switch you can flip. Modern Chromebooks, this is an option, you need to enable recovery mode. A special recovery mode boot option, where you can also reset your Chromebook- its factory default state.

To get started, you need to help your Chromebook- into recovery mode. To do so, press and hold down the ESC key and then tap the Power button and update. (Update Key, where the F3 key will be the fourth key from the left on the top row of the keyboard.) Your Chromebook- was not immediately reboot into recovery mode.

Note that the Power button can be elsewhere in Chromebook-. For example, the ASUS Chromebook Flip, it is not even the keyboard itself, it is the left side of the device.

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