Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Google Algorithm Update Occurred in June 2016

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When does Google Algorithm Update..?

Glenn Gabe at G-Squared Interview shows strong evidence that Google-'s algorithm was updated this month. Throughout the month of June, Gabe says he has seen some serious volatility in the search engine rankings, as some sites exist in the table and the decline of others.

"It's pretty clear that Google rolled out a large algo update in June," says Gabe, pointing to specific dates, which have seen the most movement. June 1, 8, 21, and 26, the dates, where most of the variability was seen, suggesting that the update fixes the beginning of the month, the "shocks" in the remaining months.

Gabe assumes that the Panda update can be either related or it could be one, Google- quality updates. Whatever the case may be, the update appears to be targeting sites are obvious quality problems. These questions may include: poor quality of content, user experience problems, over- abundance of advertising, etc. On the contrary, the update appears to be rewarding sites that worked hard to clean up the quality of their content.

These are the best questions to Gabe found when analyzing websites which decreased rankings as a result of this update.

Burying content industry sponsored messaging site that includes a set of thumbnails Sponsored Content link at the top of search results of articles ended up getting a facial.
More ads than content site that featured two thirds of the ads, and a third of the content ended up seeing a significant decline in search results.

Thin Content sites focused on the Q & A ended up seeing a drop search results, most likely because it contains multiple pages with thin or inappropriate content.

Global Content Website, which provided a very general content for the topic covered it ended up seeing a drop in search results. Basically rewrites the content of the information that can be found elsewhere on the web. It probably does not help that was filled with ads, as well.

The indexing of the site is one that has seen major fluctuations in search engine results, which were based on the robots.txt file indexing tasks. This may lead to Google being unable to properly crawl the content of the site.

interesting Issue

Gabe ran into an unusual problem where the site ended up climbing higher to increase the user experience of mobile web. According GaBe assessment website providing a terrific experience on desktop, but received a boost mobile version of redesigning:

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