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Top 150+ Link Building Strategies in 2016

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Link Building is One technique for driving traffic to a website, however, remained evergreen and that increasingly large number of high quality links pointing to your site right context(is often reffered as a Link building).Getting traffic to one site, and the quality of traffic that, probably one of the most important goals of any SEO practitioner.Link Building tactics - The Complete list.

SEO best practice guidelines

1- Accessibility
Associations / Organizations are part of
2 - Ask Customers
Ask people you know here
Whether it's your friends, relatives, employees, colleagues, business partners, customers, or anything else, ask them for a link. Someone you know has a website or blog, so advantage.Get backlink to these blogs.
3 -Build relationships
Build relationships with other bloggers or people, and good relationships with other people
4 -Better Business Bureau
5 Create RSS feed
If your blog is run by a well-known content management systems, you should already have an RSS feed. If you do not, create one. If you do this, burn it, so you can get statistics on your customers.
6 Create Blog
Make your blog post and share content on a consistent basis this.Creating not only builds internal links (linking to your posts), but also gives you the ability to naturally attract links to your content.

What is Link Building. Strategies & Samples

7 - Creating contests
Entering contests is great, but make them even better. By requiring participants to write about your competition & link to their blog,
8 - Complete Guides / Resources
Creating evergreen resources to complete on the subject are fantastic. This is my attempt at a complete list of link building tactics.
9 - Case studies
Everyone loves a good case study. Real results with real numbers can instantly catch people's attention.
10 - Chamber of Commerce
11 Create Link roundups
12 Sponsor Events
13 - Live Blogging
14 - Host your own events
15 - Host other people's events
16 - Event Resources
17 - Event Summary
18 - Give
19 - Social Coupons
20 products bloggers
21 Contest Giveaways
22 -
23 - Newsletters
24 - Craigslist
25 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
26 Resources / Links pages
Other webmasters create links to pages or resources, and opportunities they get legitimate links.
27 - Research competitors
Find your competitors keyword and connect to form other reference profiles competitors.
28 - Profile Links
Make a Social Profile Form and enter your website and link to other sites and get a backlink from the site.
29 - Make it easy to connect to you
Create HTML snippets ready that people can plug right into their content link to you because some linkers your community can be very web savvy.
30 - Interlink
Do you have pages and posts on your website, make the most of them. Internal links are huge link building because you can control everything about them, from anywhere in the page anchor text.

Get people to see and read your content
content marketing, brand awareness and enter into the realm of link building. Getting people to see and know your content and brand strategy to build a massively important links.
31 - Widget Directories
Find Widget site and get a backlink from these the site and get backlink.If you make sure that there is a link somewhere in your widget, you can get it in front of large audiences with these sites, and thus, some will embed them (therefore you earn some links).
For example:
32 - Web cam directories
If you set up a webcam, you can get some quality links
For example:
33 - Web App Directories
If you have an online tool or application, you can get links to it. If you are thinking about creating one, know that it can also be used to attract links.
For example: Go 2 Web 20
34 - Web 2.0 presentation
Web 2.0 sites such as article directories, but instead, you can add images, video and other interactive features to your content.
For example:
35 - Niche Specific Directories
For example:, a list of the California-based websites.
36 multimedia / presentation documents
If you have any PDF format, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, or other documents, you can submit it to these sites and get a link in return. You have to put links to your documents, such as the text of the first slide in PowerPoint or PDF.
Examples SlideShare, Scribd, and Issuu.
37 - Mobile App Directories
If you have a cell phone plan, you can get some easy links
For example: Appolicious
38 - Logo Design Directories
If you make a good logo design logo and the present
For example:
39 - Infographic presentation
If you create an infographic, you can easily forward them to the infographic sites or blogs.
For example:
40 - Free Web Directories
There are hundreds of free web directories to submit your site
For example: website Launchpad
41 - Ebook Directories
If you have already written several ebooks, or if you're interested, there is a solid amount of eBook directories you will get links.
For example:
42 - CSS / HTML5 Directories
There are loads of CSS galleries you can submit, if you did a great job of designing your website or blog.
43 Company Directory Submissions
Just like common sites that you can submit your site to general directories company.
44 - Blog Directories
If you have a blog, you can submit it to various blog directories.
For example: Find the appropriate category
45 - Article Directories
You can submit your articles and posts Article Syndication sites, and in return, you'll get a link or two or Content Author Bio:
For example:
46 - 1-800 Directories
Have a toll free 1-800 number. Get some links for
For example:
47 Writing Testimonials
This one is huge. Right now, you specify a service or product that you bought recently?
48 - Theme Sponsorship
49 Sponsor Contests
50 Sponsor Clubs
51 - Protecting animal shelters
52 - Add Your Pay authorities
53 - Paid Reviews
54 - Hiring of Veterans
55 - Hire a veteran Link builders
56 - Donation Charities & Non-Prof
57 - Crowdfunding
58 - Content Acquisition
59 - Trade Articles
Just like guest blogging, you can get links back to your content, but why not just trade. You'll both the content of each site.
60 - Gallery & Cinemagraphs
Something that is often overlooked is the use of images links. Bloggers like me struggle to find relevant images of our content, so why not take advantage
61 - Guest Blogging
Bloggers, just like me, sometimes cranking out content on a regular basis issues.
62 - Green Content
Just like educational content, to create something that is targeted at a particular community. In this case, it will be the environmental community.
63 - Get your own column
Instead of looking for a single guest blogging opportunities on a regular contribution to the whole time.You your own blog or column.
For example:
64 - Get Interviewed
Get other people to talk and share it with others.
65 - Entering Contests & Giveaways
I love online contests, and so should you. They not only your chance to win some money or gifts, but they also have the chance to net some high quality links.
66 - Educational Content
If you try to get links to colleges, to create content aimed at them, you can use the Outreach.
67 - Promote Crowd sourced Posts
Just like interviews, if someone comes to you to participate in the crowd-sourced post, make sure you contribute.
68 - Blog Carnivals
If you're a relatively new blog & will want to write a blog post for the sake of getting a solid, contextual link, then Blog carnivals are a no brainer.
Outreach & claims only go so far. Sometimes you have to allow your content to attract links naturally get the results you want.
70 - Webinars
Spending a few hours each month to the webinar is a great idea to attract links for a longer period.
71 - Web tools
Creating free online tools like calculators, a fantastic way to attract links. They do not have to be complex
72 - Stories
People love a good personal story. Whether it's crazy, ridiculous, or embarrassing, this is another way to hit your reader's emotions.
73 - Review of something new
Just like in the news, if you're the first to review something, and if it is awesome, the center will get a ton of attention to your opinion.
74 scientific articles
Going all out and diving deep into the subject a great way to establish yourself as an industry leader
75 Quizzes / Tests
Test your knowledge with readers and allow them to share their results with their friends is always a great idea.
76 - Product Comparisons
Look for products that people do not know how to decide between.
77 - Printable Resources
People like hard copies of useful guides. Awesome design by creating a resource for printing, you can almost guarantee that some links will come your way.
If you and your community are passionate about a certain issue, start the motion.
78 News jacking
Instead of trying to cover the news first, see if you can take advantage of the hot topics newsjacking
79 - Micro sites
Creating a fun, quirky micro sites is a great way to attract links.
80 - Interviews
Interview with industry experts always will be a fantastic way to attract links, but getting them to interview only half the battle.
81 - Interactive
The next big thing is the interactive link bait content. The reason is because it's flat-out cool, and few are doing it.
82 - Instructographics
Instructographics work especially well on Pinterest.
83 - Infographics
People love information, but sometimes it's hard to digest. Creating infographics on it is a popular way to change that.
84 - Infoanimations
Instead of creating infographics, why not create a video that displays the same information.
85 - Google Maps Mashup
Google Maps is a great tool, and you can use it to attract links, if you get it in front of the right audience.

86 - Games
Creating exciting games to keep not only the content of a strategy to attract visitors with links to the game;

87 - Free Charts / Graphs
I know you do not like Google & can not create a custom tool, but you can probably whip together a few different Charts and Graphs that others might find useful.
88 - Drawings
Using pictures to appeal to the emotions can work great if it strikes the right tone for your audience.
89 - Helping Webmasters
One of my personal favorite link building strategy helps to get out, or adding value to webmasters.
90 - Update Old Content
If you are a fast-changing industry such as SEO, search articles and posts written some years ago, that's still getting traffic (that is highly worthy of the word). This is because, if many people no longer see the contents, the Webmaster, probably does not care enough to have it updated.
91 - Translating Content
Not all sites are always available in various languages,
92 - transcribing Content
Find bloggers who produce podcasts & videos on their blogs, but do not transcribe the audio files.
93 - Logo / Graphic / Web Design
Decent website usually has some type of logo, graphic and web design.
94 - Give them a Hosting
Every Webmaster has to fork out a few bucks for hosting a month (or more).
95 - Fixing Grammar / Spelling
looking grammatical & spelling mistakes, notify the webmaster and ask for a link to the appropriate page.
96 - Finding Malware
97 - find malware on your site and clean it.
98 - Filling Gaps content
If a site lacks information on some topic, whether it is an article or a part of one, that should be better elaborated
99 - Fighting hackers
There is a big problem on the internet that I did not realize until recently could be used to build links.
100 - Dead Content Low
Take one step further to build a link broken recreating the content found on these links, the outreaching not only that the specific binding site, but also other sites linking these broken URL:
101 - Broken Links
Find broken links and improve it.
102 - Twitter Links Page
Create a Twitter account and link to your blog, and get a backlink from Twitter-:
103 - Social Platforms Outreach
join social platforms and share social media blog.
104 - Social Bookmarking
Do Social Bookmarking and improve your blog ranking.
105 - Google+ Shares
Create a profile, Google+ and Share Get the link to the blog.
106 - Files
Create embedded files, webmasters can put them on their website, and if you have the code correctly, you can easily get a link back.
107 - Toolbar
108 - Video presentation
If you have video content, make sure you get links that hard work.
For example: Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo
109 - user rating Reviews
Submit user ratings and build links simultaneously.
For example: Epinions
110 - Theme / Template Directories
WordPress themes or design website templates can be a great way to net some fantastic links to directories.
111 - RSS Directories
If you have an RSS feed, you can submit it to RSS directories
For example:
112 - Press Release Submission
Introducing Syndication press release distribution sites or specific sites, you can build links if you add one or two into the body of the message.
For example:
113 - Podcast Directories
If you have a podcast, you can snag some free, easy links to the podcast directories.
For example:
114 - paid directories
He only paid directories but overall I would recommend the BBB,, BOTW and JoeAnt (although BBB & Yahoo Directory:
115 - Non-English directories
If you create multiple versions of your site in different languages.
For example, Hello Dir (Italian). Choose a category, then submit.
116 - Plugins & Extensions
CMS plugins & extensions, like those for WordPress & Joomla, you can get a few links.
Icon sets
117 - CMS Themes
If you are thinking of CMS design themes (ie WordPress, Drupal, etc.), know this: you get links have very little value
118 - Badges
Create labels, such as ones for TopRank BIGLIST, work great if you're giving out prizes.
119 - Buying StumbleUpon traffic
StumbleUpon Paid Discovery traffic. Sometimes they'd be ready to connect, regardless of PD traffic, so this just encourages them to connect even more.
120 - Country Domains Available
Finding available domains for sale through Flippa is great if you're looking to build several reference assets.
121 - Write Curriculum
Reach out to universities and let them know about your expertise. Writing curriculum courses (more basic that it is easier to deal with), you can get several quotations links to their site.
122 - Student Blogs
Students are allowed to create blogs on websites their respective colleges, so get in touch with them.
123 - Speak at Universities
Many universities announced the speakers for their site, and when they do it, make a link to your site is included.
124 - Scholarships
Scholarships may be the bread and butter of your website link strategy if it is to budget. Give out a decent sized scholarship
125 - offer discount
If you're a local store of any kind, then there is usually one or two college within 100 miles that have the discount program,
126 - Intern / Job Postings
If you have no job or internship opportunities, you can get several easy website links.
127 - hire recent graduates
If you do find that your chances Grad, make sure they are doing outreach for the link. It usually takes only a quick phone call or email.
128 - Q & A
join and share your website answers the question and answer that question and get a backlink.
129 - Forum message
Forum posting is a great way to find people in your industry who are really passionate about your niche.
130 - Community Newspapers
There are a number of online newspapers are run by people, for people.
131 - Blog Commenting

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