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9 Keyword Research Tools For a Better SEO

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Keyword research Tools is the foundation of any SEO, PPC or content marketing campaign. If you do not order or use the right keywords, you do not serve the right content to the right audience at the right stage of the customer journey. This means that less traffic, leads, customers ... and dollars.

I wanted to know what keyword research tools the experts use to get a leg up on their competition and build profitable online marketing campaigns.

There are a tons of the top 10, 20, 30 ... 100 lists floating around the web. Often, after reading, you're nowhere near the best tools for your business. That's why I decided to go straight to the source and ask the experts and see if the best keyword research tool will rise to the surface ...

Lists of Top 9 Keyword Research Tools

#1. SEMRush

SEMRush is a great  competitive keyword research Tool. If you look at the contenders in organic Competitors, it will show you who you're competing for common keywords. You can then go to each of those competitors and identify keywords that you can target now, but you should. Also, you can dig into paid search and find out what keywords your competitors are bidding, and then leverage these keywords in your own organic benefit if you are not already doing. Search Metrics for this, but I found SEM Rush to provide a wider range of keywords and keyword data they save more historical keyword data than Search Metrics.

#2. Google Adwrds :keyword planner 

Google keyword Planner is part of the Google AdWords. It is the most common and free keyword research tool out there. Almost every blogger, newbie, or a seasoned SEO, you can use Google to find out related keywords Planner words together with their search numbers.

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This tool uses Google’s autocomplete feature to generate keywords. Super useful and it’s free.It Uses  Google Autocomplete to generate hundreds of relevant long-tail keywords.

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#4.BuzzSumo Keyword Reasearch Tool

This tool will allow you to pick a keyword or concept you are interested in and see what type of content on the best link building and social topic. I find that this tool is incredibly useful in finding out what type of content people seem interested in specific keywords.

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#5. Long Tail Pro - Keyword Research Tool

Long Tail Pro (LTP) is one of the best keyword research tool available in the market.. With proper planning,If you are Trying to Build a Niche sites Then Long Trail Pro Suits You the Most of it.With Losts of Profitable Keywords Like Every Other Keyword Reasearch Tools Available in the market Right Now

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#6. UberSuggest 

Ubersuggest Keyword research Tool is great for generating long tail variations of keywords and generating fresh ideas.It Shows you shows you what Google suggests when you start typing in keywords. These suggestions can point you to some great long-tail keyword phrases and content ideas.

#7. KWFinder 

KWFinder Keyword research Tool is One for  new kids on the block, but probably just about the easiest way that I have found to quickly find new long-tail keywords. A few things I like about this tool is that it allows me to create a list of keywords. So, I can group my various websites have lists and review them later. I can export data to CSV and start off campaigns. It also keeps a list of beautiful color last 20+ keywords you looked up. The SEO indicator of the difficulty comes in very handy as well! As for ease of use go, KWFinder wins hands down!

#8.Moz KW Difficulty Tool,  Market Samurai & WordTracker

When you are focusing on smaller groups of Search terms, there are plenty of tools to help but Most of it You can go for the Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool being a great example.

generally Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool  allow you to search a small amount of keywords at any one time. The Moz tool, for example, limits you to 20 keywords.

 Market Samurai & WordTracker on this shortlist are paid tools - so going the Google route is a good idea if you’re just starting out.

#9. SERPwoo, GrepWords, SEOcockpit, BrightEdge Data Cude & Excel

Grepwords Keyword Research Tool is the only Keyword Tool, which allows a regular expression to look forward and come in API-. It reached 180,000,000 keywords in more than 30 countries. This tool was first mentioned in the fine, the free link building session.

SECockpit,BrightEdge Data Cude & SERPwoo Keyword research Tools helps you identify keywords that can help you get better results from your online marketing efforts.

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