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What Are the Problems of a Blogspot.com Account

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Many people will always love to choose blogger.com as there platform, bloggers give a healthy start to their career. The fact is quite clear that first of all it's free to use (no need to spend a penny more than the purchase of the domain or hosting), and second, it is very easy to use. The only price that you will pay for freely selecting this platform is that it has many problems. Unfortunately, Blogger.com has many problems which we have to discuss today's article (What are the problems of Blogger account).

Number of Blogs:

You can set up to 100 different blogs per account. However, if the limit is exceeded then the authorities are entitled not only to disconnect your Google account, but also limit your access to your blogs. Therefore, always remember that your own blog lists do not exceed the 100 mark.

Total posts:

Fortunately, there are no such restrictions in a number of positions. You can create unlimited entries to unlimited content. All entries must be saved to your account, and they will be there until or if you deleted them manually. If you unwantedly delete records, they can be restored to the history through the Google Cache:

The size of the house.

Individual pages (the main page of your site, archive pages and post pages), which are limited up to 1 MB in size. This will allow you to add hundered pages of text. However, if you check the records of 100 or at home, or get to the pages, it may exceed the limit, and it will show the error message, such as "006 Please contact Blogger support." You can get rid of this Kind of errors by reducing the number of posts on your home page.

Taking suspension.

Blogger has there own strict rules. They suspend the website or even your entire account if they suspect that you violate any terms of service. When the site gets blocked then there is hardly any chance to restore it back. Blogger.com does not send notifications to ban an account, it means that there is no warning on the website owner. When the blog will be waiting for the conventional range, and no one can use the same domain again.

Number of Comments:

There are no such restrictions on the number of comments. A Post can have unlimited comment It depends on you whether you show or hide them comment on your posts, but pre-existing comments will remain saved on your account. You can enable comments at any time you like.

Size Pictures:

There is no size limit per picture. However, if you upload a picture through your mobile phone or smartphone, it should not be larger than 250K per picture. Remember. Image 1 Blog has 1 GB of free hosting.

The size or length of the entries.

There are no such restrictions on the length of individual notes. However, if your posts are too long, they may exceed the page limit on the size (see the next point to work out the size restrictions).

Number of over-Stand-Alone house.

You can create 20 individual pages of a blog (copy of the page `: http://www.mybloggerlab.com/p/advertise-here.html~~HEAD=pobj):

Storage Limit paintings.

1GB storage limit paintings (Gigabytes) that are connected to your Picasa account. Even if you delete them from your pages will be still available in your Picasa account.

Number of over-Labels:

You can create unique labels per blog and 5000 can use 20 unique tags per post.

The members of the team.

You can add up to 100 members per blog.


We recommend you continue to use this platform is free, but make sure you get rid of the space and transform it Blogspot- .com, Since it has more flexible options. Incase Google to delete your website due to some policy violation, then you can move your Blogger to WordPress. However, if you do not have a .com domain, then you must bare hands. Now the decision is yours: either take it or leave it.

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